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We are a new kind of veterinary practice. We care deeply about our team, our clients and their pets. We strive to do more for our little friends than ever before, to create the space for our most important companions to lead their very best lives.

W&W Shop
We know at Whisker & Woof, that you want your pet to have the very best accessories. We have partnered with some exclusive independent retailers to bring you the Whisker & Woof look! Please come in store for a bespoke fitting and advice from one of our customer care team.
We take nutrition seriously and can provide individual dietary advice for your pet. Whether that’s a life stage food for a new puppy, or a prescription diet for an elderly cat with kidney disease, Whisker & Woof covers it all. In a world of internet searches and fads, it is increasingly difficult for pet owners to really know what’s best to feed their pets. For example, it’s common for pet owners to want to feed their dogs “grain-free”, when there is a study that shows a link between lower grain content diets and heart disease in certain breeds of dog. Raw diets are also very popular at the moment. There is no study data that supports a nutritional benefit, but there is evidence that dogs fed raw food are more likely to carry Salmonella sp and antibiotic resistant E.coli bacteria. Your veterinary surgeon is the best source of advice and information when it comes to pet nutrition, and we are always very happy to be able to discuss this important topic with you at any time.
House Visits
We do offer house visits by prior appointment, but feel the vast majority of sick patients are best served by coming directly into the practice where we have the equipment and personnel to manage urgent or emergency cases quickly and effectively. If transport into the clinic is a concern we would advise, in the first instance, that clients ask a friend or family member to assist. There are also pet taxis and pet ambulances available to bring unwell pets directly to us. Home visit appointments are subject to availability on the day
If your pet is unfortunate enough to have to be hospitalised, you have peace of mind that they will be in good hands. We have comfortable and hygienic kennels for both dogs and cats, in separate facilities with individual climate control and soft bedding. We have a dedicated isolation ward for pets with infectious diseases, so that they can be safely barrier nursed away from other animals if the need arises. We will always keep you updated throughout the day, whilst your pet is in hospital and inform you of any changes as they arise. After hours care is with our partner practice Medivet Beckenham a short drive away, transport to and from their facility would be the responsibility of the client.
Managing pain is the cornerstone of what we do. Whether that’s acute ear or dental pain, or chronic pain associated with cancer or arthritis; we understand how debilitating and distressing untreated pain is for our pets. Recognising when pain is present is very challenging, for both owners and vets, particularly in cats and rabbits. Sometimes we don't know for sure that pain is present, but knowing that pets hide their discomfort from us and, from the human experience, knowing which conditions do or don't produce pain, enables us to make an informed decision when it comes to patient management. We often resort to a pain-relief trial, giving analgesics to see if they produce a positive behavioural response, that retrospectively tells us that pain is present. Good planning and pre-emptive treatment of pain is important for both surgical and medical patients. We have a vast array of pain treatments and techniques at our disposal and, at Whisker & Woof, we pride ourselves on fantastic pain management in every single patient.
Emergencies & Out of Hours Care
It is obviously a very stressful time for you if your pet suddenly becomes seriously ill. For urgent or emergency patients we always aim to prioritise and assess them as quickly as possible. Part of that process is to take a history from you to guide next steps. Symptoms that require urgent or immediate care include the following, noting that this is not an exhaustive list:
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Fitting or seizures lasting more than 5 minutes
  • Trauma
  • Poisoning
  • Difficulty giving birth
  • Difficulty urinating
  • Protracted vomiting/diarrhoea
  During our opening hours, we ask that you call us to advise us of your pet’s symptoms, and make provision to come to the practice as soon as possible if we deem urgent or emergency care is needed. On arrival at the practice, we will triage your pet and then likely admit him or her for diagnostics and stabilisation. Should your pet have a medical emergency outside of our normal opening times, after calling us you will be directed via an answer message to call Medivet Beckenham on 0208 650 2003 where a member of their team will be happy to assist you. Hospitalised inpatients at Whisker & Woof needing further care and/or monitoring overnight will also use this facility. All owners will be required to take their pet to and from the out of hours provider during any period of hospitalisation. As a third party, payment for Medivet Beckenham’s services is directed to them, including any insurance claims.
We always recommend clients take out insurance cover for their pet’s medical care. This gives peace of mind that, should the unexpected happen, you have the reassurance of being able to provide the best possible care. We can, subject to a risk assessment, agree to direct insurance claims in particular circumstances. There is an administrative charge for any direct claim fee agreed. Processing of non-direct insurance claims will also incur a claims processing fee. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information about insurance claims.
Health plan
With households having to watch their finances more closely than ever before, it’s reassuring to know that the team at Whisker & Woof is here to help when it comes to your pet’s preventative healthcare needs. When you join the W&W Platinum Health Plan*, you have peace of mind that the cost of your pet’s essential care is spread throughout the year by monthly direct debit. The W&W Platinum Health Plan includes the following:  
  • Annual vaccination and comprehensive health check
  • 12 months flea, worm and tick treatment
  • Free microchipping
  • 10% off neutering
  • 10% off dentistry
  *Please note that the Health Plan does not cover consultations, diagnostic tests, and treatment should your pet become unwell. This would be covered by a separate pet insurance policy.
Travel Service
We can complete Export Health Certificates to non-European Union Countries, and  Animal Health Certificates to the European Union. Please contact us for further details.
Weight Clinic
Obesity is the silent epidemic sweeping our pet population. It is estimated that up to 65% of dogs and 39% of cats in the UK are overweight or obese. These numbers are certainly born out in clinic visits, and the impression is that pet obesity is on the rise. Being overweight causes huge problems for our pet’s health, reducing both quality and quantity of life. Obesity in animals has been linked to diabetes, arthritis, heart and respiratory disease, immune dysfunction, cancer, liver, and urinary tract diseases. If you think your pet is overweight and would like help in overcoming it, we would recommend you see one of our lovely nurses in our dedicated weight clinic. Here, we discuss and assess your pets body condition score and make recommendations to make your pet feel better by instituting a dedicated weight management program. We have access to prescription weight loss diets that really do work. Not only do we help your pet lose weight, we are also there to make sure they stay that way. Book an appointment today.
Our head vet is happy to discuss with neighbouring practices any difficult cases they may have, and is able to offer a limited referral service for internal medicine cases. We are also able to accept outpatient ultrasound and endoscopy services for local clinics. Interested vets can contact us directly to discuss their needs further.
Certificate in Small Animal Medicine
Our head veterinary surgeon, Jason Way BVetMed CertSAM MRCVS, obtained the Certificate in Small Animal Medicine in 2001. This is a further qualification in internal medicine which covers topics as diverse as cardiac and respiratory disease, gastroenterology, neurology, endocrine disease, dermatology, and ophthalmology. The field of medicine requires an inquiring and thoughtful mind, which encourages clinicians to investigate their patients fully so that an accurate diagnosis can be made. Along with this further qualification and nearly three decades of experience, this means that your pet is in safe hands with us. It is much less likely that we would need to refer your pet outside of the practice which means most medical issues can be dealt with quickly and effectively in-house, saving you time and expense, and putting your mind at ease.
Dermatology – anal glands, ears, allergies
The number one presentation we see in first opinion small animal practice is canine allergic skin disease. This is by far the biggest problem we see in dogs, and to some degree cats. Allergies present in different ways, but common areas affected include ears, feet, and around the anal area. The key point to make is that allergies are long term and tend to escalate over time. Chronic untreated allergies can lead to permanent scarring and infection of the ears, and the constant itching makes dogs miserable, not forgetting the sleepless nights for their owners! At Whisker & Woof, we make an initial diagnosis fast and relieve your pet’s distress as quickly as possible. We then schedule a follow-up process over the coming months whereby we differentiate between food allergy and environmental allergy. We constantly refine and adjust the treatment plan so that ultimately your best friend is comfortable and happy, and you are empowered at home to understand and manage your pet’s condition. We also see a lot of chronic anal gland problems. Again, there is generally an underlying reason and simply expressing them every few months is not the long term solution. By taking care and digging a little deeper, we can often advise on why the problem is happening and can then start a management plan to control it.
Gastrointestinal Disease
Acute and chronic, vomiting and diarrhoea are very common presentations for dogs and cats in a small animal vet practice. There can be numerous causes including infections and parasites, particularly in younger pets, through to food allergy and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in others. Sudden onset illness is much easier to appreciate, with chronic disease the symptoms can be much more insidious. Poor body condition, intermittent vomiting and eating grass or a soft stool can be more subtle signs. Approximately, 80% of “fussy” dogs also have disease in their digestive tract. Cats that vomit every 2-4 weeks also nearly always have gut disease. In many patients, the problem goes unnoticed and untreated for years until the condition escalates or potentially changes to cancer. At Whisker & Woof, we actively screen for these problems in our annual check-ups so that we can help your pet at an early stage. Our Head Vet  has a personal interest in gastroenterology and we have the endoscopy equipment on site to make a diagnosis and get your pet back on track and living life to the full.
At Whisker & Woof, we have invested in rigid and flexible endoscopes that enable us to examine noses and bladders, through to the lungs and the digestive tract in both dogs and cats. We also have the training and experience to operate these sophisticated diagnostic tools, and use them purposefully to take samples and get to a diagnosis.
We have digital radiography on site which means we can take an x-ray of your pet and have an exquisitely detailed image, on screen, in a few seconds. This means your pet is sedated or anaesthetised for a shorter period of time which helps reduce any risks. We have conventional x-ray as above, and also dental x-ray. The standard of care in veterinary dentistry has improved over the last decade, and good quality dental work does require support from dental x-rays, especially so for cats where they can have hidden dental lesions below the gumline. Also in our imaging suite, is an outstanding ultrasound machine, the standard of which would meet that required for referral cardiology. The better the machine, the more accurate the images and report will be, which ultimately means more robust diagnoses and better outcomes for our animal patients. Investing in quality medical equipment and experienced, passionate staff to be the best for your beloved pets is the Whisker & Woof way.
Surgery is often a solution for many problems seen at the practice, from a simple wart removal to more complex cancer surgeries requiring reconstructive techniques. We understand how stressful the thought of surgery can be, so we always spend time with you discussing why surgery is required, the procedure itself, any potential risks, and the aftercare involved once your pet is at home recovering. At Whisker & Woof we have a dedicated theatre for surgery and use the very best equipment to make sure your pet gets the right outcome. We use surgical gowns, masks, hats and sterile gloves; and your pet will be closely monitored under anaesthetic by a registered veterinary nurse at all times. No expense is spared in making sure your pet has the very best in pain-relief, even for more routine surgery such as neutering. We know that if your pet is comfortable he or she will recover much faster.
Dental disease comes to all our pets in one form or another. Trauma and concussive injury, and fracture of the tooth crown is common. By far and away the biggest problem is gingivitis or inflammation of the gums. This can occur as a juvenile form, in young cats for example, or more commonly, as a chronic accumulation of plaque and tartar in mature pets. The inflammation causes retraction of the gums and loosening of the dental ligaments leading to infection, pain and eventually tooth loss. In particularly bad mouths, there is a theory that bacteria from these dental infections can even colonise the heart valves, liver and kidneys. At Whisker & Woof we do things differently. We don’t wait until it’s too late. Our clinicians create a bespoke dental strategy for each patient we see, advising on remedial work and dental homecare to make sure your pet’s oral hygiene is as good as it can be. Whilst it is always difficult to completely eliminate the need for extractions, our aim would be to minimise the risk of that. To this end, we advise regular dental cleaning under general anaesthetic throughout your pet’s life, which will help to avoid a big dental procedure with multiple extractions when your pet is older.
There are numerous benefits from neutering your pet. Essential in cats to prevent fighting and bite injuries along with the spread of infectious disease; unwanted pregnancy and kittens; and secondary “Tom Cat” characteristics such as urine spraying and malodour. In dogs, neutering helps prevent unwanted pregnancy, hypersexual behaviour and interdog aggression. It eliminates the risk of testicular tumours and prostate disease in males; and ovarian and mammary tumours in females. Neutering prevents pyometra, or a uterine infection, in bitches (and cats although this is rare in this species) which can lead to sepsis and can be fatal if left untreated. The downsides to neutering include changes in coat quality, weight gain, urinary incontinence and, less commonly, an increase in aggression. Recently, there has been a focus on the timing of neutering in certain breeds, and study data that shows a reduction in joint disease and cancer risk in certain types of dog if neutered at a particular time. We always discuss neutering your pet as the individual that they are, using the latest scientific recommendations to come to the most informed decision as possible.
Vaccinations and annual health check
Vaccination against infectious diseases is a vital part of your pets overall health. The annual health check and vaccination is not only an opportunity to administer protection against bacterial and viral infections, it is an unmissable opportunity to take a thorough history and perform a complete physical examination. Along with the patient’s breed and lifestage, this information can be used to detect health problems at their earliest opportunity, making them much easier to treat. At Whisker & Woof, we always recommend that your pet is vaccinated (unless there are specific reasons not to), and we will provide invaluable and personalised healthcare advice, bespoke to your pet.
Parasite control
Parasites, both internal and external, pose a threat to our pet’s health. Here at Whisker & Woof, we take parasite control seriously, and always make a recommendation to protect your pet. Fleas, a relatively minor affliction in healthy adult pets, can cause life threatening anaemia in the very young. Ticks, more prevalent in particular wooded areas, can transmit Lyme’s Disease. Of most concern is lungworm, the most common of species of which is Angiostrongylus vasorum, which can cause bleeding and respiratory distress, and can be fatal. We can offer tailored advice as to which products would suit your particular pet and his or her lifestyle.
Senior Care
Our older pet friends can live a longer and more fulfilling life if we understand and meet their chronic healthcare needs. Geriatric patients suffer from high blood pressure, dementia, obesity, dental problems, arthritis, hormonal diseases, and diseases of the heart, lungs, kidneys and liver. It is not uncommon to have multiple issues afflicting the same patient. Some of these problems can be a “hidden” issue with catastrophic consequences later on, others overtly cause pain or suffering that is clear for everyone to see. Our senior health exams allow us to uncover these problems quickly,  by taking a complete history and performing a thorough physical assessment of your pet. We may suggest a “wellness blood test” to look for any signs of internal disease, before making any recommendations for further tests or treatment. Once a diagnosis is made, we always arrange a program of follow-up and monitoring, so that we can keep your pet as fit and happy as possible well into their twilight years.
We welcome through our doors rabbits, guinea pigs, small mammals, and small birds. We have a solid general practice standard of care in these species. For more exotic animals, such as fish, large birds, and reptiles we would ask that you seek more specialist advice in the first instance.
Feline Care
We love cats! They are a unique species, and are not just “small dogs”. At Whisker & Woof, we understand the particular needs of cats and their owners. We showcase our love of all things feline, in how we approach their care. We always handle cats as gently and calmly as possible and minimise any stress during their in-clinic visit. Our Head Vet, has a personal interest in feline medicine, and has a wealth of knowledge in this particular area. We have a dedicated and separate cat ward, with specialised cat kennels that meet the standard for the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM), a charity that champions standards of care for cats in veterinary medicine. We will attempt to gain our ISFM accreditation as a ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic…watch this space!
Puppies & Kittens
Your puppy or kitten's first visit to our practice is really important. It provides an opportunity for them to meet us in a calm and fun manner, reassuring them that the vet’s is a great place to be. It allows us to undertake that important health check from nose to tail, reassuring you that your new edition is fit and well. A microchip can also be implanted if it hasn’t been done already. At this appointment, our vets can offer advice on topics such as nutrition, parasite control, neutering, and socialisation; especially important for first-time pet owners.
Outstanding Veterinary Care

“Everytime. That’s our promise to you” Jason Way BVetMed CertSAM MRCVS, Founder and Head Veterinary Surgeon, Whisker & Woof

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