Emergencies & Out of Hours Care

Emergencies & Out of Hours Care

It is obviously a very stressful time for you if your pet suddenly becomes seriously ill. For urgent or emergency patients we always aim to prioritise and assess them as quickly as possible. Part of that process is to take a history from you to guide next steps. Symptoms that require urgent or immediate care include the following, noting that this is not an exhaustive list:


– Difficulty breathing

– Fitting or seizures lasting more than 5 minutes

– Trauma – Poisoning

– Difficulty giving birth

– Difficulty urinating

– Protracted vomiting/diarrhoea


During our opening hours, we ask that you call us to advise us of your pet’s symptoms, and make provision to come to the practice as soon as possible if we deem urgent or emergency care is needed. On arrival at the practice, we will triage your pet and then likely admit him or her for diagnostics and stabilisation.


Should your pet have a medical emergency outside of our normal opening times, you will be directed via an answer message to call Medivet Beckenham on 0208 650 2003 where a member of their team will be happy to assist you. Hospitalised inpatients at Whisker & Woof needing further care and/or monitoring overnight will also use this facility. This particular provider was chosen due to their proximity to our clinic and their high standard of patient care. All owners will be required to take their pet to and from the out of hours provider during any period of hospitalisation. As a third party, payment for Medivet Beckenham’s services is directed to them, including any insurance claims.

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