Whisker & Woof Terms and conditions

Please take the time to carefully review the following essential terms and conditions before seeking veterinary treatment for your animal or making any purchases from Whisker & Woof LTD. Ensure that you are familiar with and agree to all the provisions contained herein, as they form the basis of our contract.



1.1 In these terms and conditions:

1.1.1 “We,” “us,” or “our” refers to Whisker & Woof LTD, a company duly registered under the applicable laws (company number 13426716), with our registered office located at 143 Lee Road, London, SE3 9DJ.

1.1.2 “You” or “your” refers to the individual seeking veterinary services for an animal or wishing to purchase products from us; and

1.1.3 “Animal” refers to the specific animal for which we are providing veterinary services.

1.2 By making an online appointment, purchasing goods, or visiting our practice, you accept these terms, which constitute a legally binding contract (the “contract”) between you and us.

1.3 We reserve the right to update these terms periodically. We will notify you of any material changes to these terms by posting a notice on our website or by other means. We encourage you to review these terms periodically.

1.4 You can contact us at our practice, via email at hello@whiskerandwoof.co.uk, or by sending a written inquiry to Whisker & Woof LTD, 143 Lee Road, London, SE3 9DJ.

1.5 This contract includes our general terms and conditions. For certain services or offerings, additional terms and conditions may apply, such as those related to competitions, prizes, or our pet health care plan.

1.6. You may terminate your contract with us at any time. Termination of this contract will not affect our right to receive any outstanding payments owed to us.




2.1 Veterinary services provided by Whisker & Woof LTD are performed by qualified and experienced staff, ensuring a high level of care and expertise.

2.2 The provision of veterinary services is subject to our discretion and professional judgement.

2.3 We aim to carry out the agreed veterinary services within an agreed timeframe. If no specific time or period is agreed upon, services will be provided within a reasonable time.

2.4 Unforeseen circumstances or those beyond our control may adversely affect the delivery of veterinary services. In such cases, we will attempt to contact you using the provided contact details to communicate about any delays, suspensions or cancellations. We will strive to provide the services if and as soon as circumstances allow. If unforeseen circumstances or those beyond our control continue for more than two (2) days, we or you may terminate the contract but this shall not affect any charges, costs, expenses or fees incurred by you beforehand.


Consultations and Appointments


2.5 Veterinary surgeons and nurses are available by appointment to attend to you and your animal during designated consulting hours. Morning and afternoon/evening appointments are offered, with specific time slots. Please refer to our opening hours for further information.

2.6 After an initial consultation, a treatment plan will be discussed and agreed upon for any further required veterinary services. Please note that in emergency situations, it may not be possible to prepare a treatment plan.

2.7 In emergency situations, we reserve the right to provide veterinary services that are deemed reasonably necessary, based on our professional judgement, without prior agreement on a treatment plan.


Out of Hours Emergency


2.8 A higher consultation fee will apply, for emergency, urgent or unscheduled cases or those seen outside normal working hours at our practice.

2.9 Whisker & Woof LTD provides 24 hour emergency cover through the practice during our normal business hours, and then through our third party provider for out of hours care – Medivet Beckenham, 8 Foxgrove Road, Beckenham, BR3 5AT. Additional fees will apply for the provision of out of hours emergency care, and payment and contractual obligations for these services will remain between yourself and Medivet Beckenham, including insurance claims.


Out of Hours Hospitalisation


2.10 If your pet is hospitalised within the practice, after our normal working hours, you will need to transfer or arrange transfer of your pet to our out of hours provider Medivet Beckenham for continuation of their care. Additional fees will apply for the provision of out of hours hospitalisation care, and payment and contractual obligations for these services will remain between yourself and Medivet Beckenham, including insurance claims. During the week, owners are responsible for their pets transfer back to our practice in the morning for continuation of their care during our normal working hours. For patients deemed unstable or high-risk, we will provide transfer with a member of our clinical team to our out of hours provider, an additional charge would apply for this service.


House Visits


2.11 In specific circumstances, we can arrange a house visit to treat your animal. However, in most instances we recommend bringing your animal to the surgery, as we will have access to on-site equipment and facilities. Prior arrangement between you and the practice is required for a house visit.

2.12 House visits will incur an additional fee to cover the time and resources required for this service.

  1. 3. GOODS

3.1 Placing an order for goods with Whisker & Woof LTD constitutes your offer to purchase those goods from us.

3.2 We reserve the right to decline your order and will promptly communicate the reason for doing so, such as unavailability of the goods, including medication, or any other inability to fulfil the order.

3.3 The goods we supply to you will meet the following criteria:

3.3.1 They will be of satisfactory quality. They will be fit for the purpose explicitly agreed upon by the veterinary surgeon providing the veterinary services under this contract. They must be used strictly in accordance with the instructions provided, both within the packaging and as directed by the veterinary surgeon responsible for the related veterinary services.

3.3.2 In the event that certain goods are unavailable, we may offer substitute goods of equal or superior quality and value. In such cases:

3.3.3 We will inform you of the proposed substitution, although this may not always be possible.

3.3.4 You have the right to refuse the substitutes. In this case, we will provide you with the option of a refund or a replacement and communicate the time frame within which this offer is valid.

3.4 If you encounter any issues with the goods or services provided under this contract, please contact us using the provided contact details. You have the right to:

3.4.1 Request a replacement of the goods.

3.4.2 Request the repetition of the services.

3.4.3 Seek a price reduction.

3.4.4 Reject the goods or services (or both) provided under this contract. We will engage in a good-faith discussion to address your concerns and ensure that any issues are resolved in accordance with your legal rights.



4.1 Medication prescribed by our vets can be dispensed directly from our practice during your appointment, in compliance with the guidelines set by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and Veterinary Medicines Directorate. All Prescription Only Medication (POM-V) is dispensed under the authorisation of the treating veterinary surgeon.

4.2 The prices of any medication prescribed for your animal, including VAT, can be obtained upon request.

4.3 Written prescriptions for veterinary medicines can be provided upon request. These prescriptions can only be authorised by our veterinary surgeons and are limited to animals under their care. The £28.80 fee for this service covers the professional expertise of your vet in authorising appropriate medication, providing dosage advice, and maintaining accurate pharmacy records for your animal.

4.4 Our repeat prescription service allows you to reorder medication and/or written prescriptions for animals on long-term medication. We ask for 72 hours notice for any repeat prescription request.  As per the guidelines set by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, we require that your animal is examined by your vet at least every six months (or more frequently if specific conditions or medication requires it, or if your pet requires more frequent assessment) and that any recommended diagnostic tests associated with monitoring the effectiveness and/or side effects of the drug are completed. For continued prescription of flea and worm POM-V medication, we require an annual health check for your animal before supply.

4.5 If medication needs to be posted to clients, it will be sent via recorded delivery and will incur a post and packing charge, which will be added to your account. Please note controlled drugs cannot be posted. We cannot be held responsible for any medication lost or damaged in the post.

4.6 We cannot offer a refund or return of any medications once they have left the premises, as they are deemed no longer fit for sale.


5.1 We endeavour to provide fixed prices for certain goods and services; however, due to the nature of veterinary services, estimates may be provided for some services.

5.2 Estimates are based on our best calculation of the expected treatment costs, taking into account our experience. Please note that estimates are approximate and not binding, as an animal’s duration and extent of illness cannot be predicted. If we anticipate that treatment costs will exceed the estimated amount, we will attempt to contact you using the provided contact details. If we are unable to contact you, we will proceed with any necessary treatment deemed in your pet’s best interests.

5.3 When charging for goods and services for which only an estimate was previously provided, we will invoice you based on the actual time, skill level, and resources utilised during the provided services, including medications, materials, and consumables.

5.4 Our fees may include charges related to allocated appointments, consultations (with or without the animal present), and missed appointments, including pre-booked operations and consultations.

5.5 All fees charged to you are inclusive of the applicable Value Added Tax (VAT) at the current rate.

5.6 Our fees may be subject to periodic review and adjustments, and we will notify you of any such change.

5.7 Invoices are due for settlement at the end of an appointment, upon discharge of your animal, or upon collection of medicines/diets, as applicable.

5.8 If you are the registered owner of the animal according to our records, you are responsible for any fees incurred in the diagnosis and treatment of your animal, even if someone else brings your animal to us on your behalf (e.g., a relative, friend, agent, or third party such as a kennel facility). We will make efforts to obtain written confirmation from the individual bringing your animal to us, confirming your consent for the treatment. However, this may not always be possible. Regardless, you agree to be liable for any fees incurred in the diagnosis and treatment of your animal.

5.9 Please keep us informed of any changes in the registered owner of your animal, ensuring our records remain up to date. If charges are incurred under these terms and you have not provided updated information, we may contact the registered owner on our records for payment.

5.10 We are a cashless business, and do not accept cash or cheques as a form of payment. We accept debit or credit cards for payment purposes to include MasterCard, Visa, Delta, and Switch. We do not accept American Express.


6.1 If you are unable to settle your account as specified, please discuss the matter with a member of our staff as soon as possible.

6.2 In the event that your invoice remains unpaid and your account is not settled on the due date, a reminder will be sent to you, and an additional accounting charge will be added to cover administrative costs. Further reminders will incur additional administrative costs, which may be waived at our discretion if prompt payment is made.

6.3 If payment remains outstanding after due notice, we may refer overdue accounts to our debt collection agency. This may result in additional charges to cover the costs associated with debt collection, including the production of reports, correspondence, court fees, attendance at court, and phone calls.




7.1 We strongly recommend insuring your animal against unexpected illness or accidents. Depending on your insurer and the circumstances, we may be able to submit claims directly to your insurer on your behalf, or you may need to handle the claims process yourself. Our ability to make a direct insurance claim to your insurer is subject to review of your pet’s medical history and your insurance policy schedule, a minimum claim amount of £500, and a direct claim administrative fee of £30, and is at the discretion of the management team. Ongoing fees for the same claim do not extend to the same direct claim agreement. Routine claims incur a £15, and continuation claims incur a £10 administrative fee respectively.

7.2 If we are dealing directly with your insurer, it is still your responsibility to settle your account within thirty (30) days if we do not receive payment from your insurance company or the claim is declined.

7.3 Any anticipated shortfall in the treatment cost not covered by your insurance company must be paid by you at the time of making the first direct claim. If there is an additional shortfall after the claim has been settled, you will also be responsible for paying that amount to us. Please note that undertaking a direct claim does not guarantee that your insurers will settle your claim, and if they fail to do so, you will be liable to pay us the full claim amount.

7.4 If you handle your own insurance claim, you are responsible for settling your account with us at the time of treatment. We will provide reasonable assistance by supplying the necessary information for your claim as soon as possible.


8.1 We emphasise responsible pet ownership, which includes regular vaccinations, parasite control, and permanent pet identification for your animal.

8.2 Unless you have requested not to be contacted, we will make an effort to remind you when annual vaccinations are due for your animals. However, please note that this is a courtesy service, and the practice and staff are not obligated regarding the consequences of failure to provide such reminders. Ultimately, it remains your responsibility to ensure that vaccines and other routine treatments are kept up to date.

  1. 9. CONSENT

9.1 In all cases of admission to our practice, written signed consent for procedures is required. We will make every effort to discuss any changes or additional services regarding consent before taking action.

9.2 Consent is also required for the use of medications in species for which they are not licensed, or for the use of certain medicines outside of the product data sheet. In these cases, an off-licence consent form will be provided for you to sign to allow us to administer these medications. In some instances, we may also recommend human alternative medicines that are not licensed for use in animals, but have proven efficacy.



10.1 We value your feedback as it helps us deliver exceptional quality care for you and your pet. If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to speak to a member of our team.

10.2 Our goal is to address any concerns or frustrations promptly and informally. We encourage you to discuss any issues with us, and we will be glad to engage in a conversation to find a resolution. Please approach a member of our team if you have any concerns.

10.3 If you would like to raise a formal complaint, please put your concerns to the Practice Manager, Laura Watson, at laura@whiskerandwoof.co.uk or in writing to The Practice Manager, 143 Lee Road, London, SE3 9DJ. We aim to respond within fourteen days from receipt of your letter or email.



11.1 Case records, including radiographs, photographs, and similar documents, are the property of our practice and will be retained by us. Upon your request, copies of the records along with a summary of the history can be provided to another veterinary surgeon.




12.1 In certain cases where your animal’s condition requires specialist knowledge or facilities not available at our practice, it may be necessary to refer your animal to another veterinary surgeon. A £40 administrative fee will be charged to cover the time and resources required to process the referral request.

12.2 Second opinion appointments can be requested either within our practice or from another veterinary practice. A second opinion consultation fee (£132) would apply in this instance. These requests are often made to confirm a diagnosis or seek a different veterinary opinion. Upon request, we will provide a full clinical history to the requesting veterinary surgeon.




13.1 Your privacy and personal information are important to us. We handle your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which explains the collection, storage, use, and sharing of your data. It also outlines your rights and provides contact information for inquiries or complaints regarding your personal information.

13.2 Please visit https://whiskerandwoof.co.uk/privacy-policy/ to access our comprehensive Privacy Policy.

13.3 To maintain accurate customer and animal records, we periodically request confirmation of your details. Promptly inform us of any changes to ensure our database remains up to date. Up-to-date contact information is particularly crucial.

13.4 We may contact you through various channels, including letters, phone calls, text messages, or electronic means. These communications may include outstanding account notices, reminders for your animal’s preventative health care treatments, and beneficial marketing offers. If you prefer not to receive such communications, please inform our reception or clearly indicate your preference during online interactions. However, please note that opting out will result in the removal of vaccination reminders.





14.1 Except for liability that cannot be excluded by law (such as negligence resulting in death or personal injury, and fraud), we are not liable for:

14.1.1 Losses that were not foreseeable or within reasonable contemplation at the time of forming the contract, or that were not caused by any material breach on our part;

14.1.2 Loss of profits;

14.1.3 Loss of sales or business;

14.1.4 Loss of use;

14.1.5 Loss of opportunity;

14.1.6 Any special, indirect, consequential or pure economic loss; and

14.1.7 Losses to non-consumers.

14.2 Subject to clause 14.1, our liability to you will be limited to the value of the goods and services provided under this contract.

14.3 We have no liability for any event unless you notify us that you intend to make a claim in respect of such event within twelve (12) months of the day on which the event occurred or the day you became, or ought reasonably to have become, aware of having grounds to make a claim in respect of the event. The notice must be in writing and must identify the event and the grounds for the claim in reasonable detail.




15.1 Only the parties involved in this contract have the right to enforce its terms.

15.2 No additions or variations to this contract will be binding unless agreed upon in writing by us. No agent or person employed by or under contract with us has the authority to alter or vary this contract.

15.3 If any provision of this contract (or part of any provision) becomes illegal, invalid, or unenforceable, it will not affect the legality, validity, and enforceability of the other provisions.

15.4 The courts of England will have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes between you and us arising from or in connection with this contract and/or our dealings generally.

15.5 This contract, and any non-contractual rights and obligations arising from or in connection with it, will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England.


Last updated 18/7/2023

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